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The Site Avatar

Suck it.

I decided to talk a bit about my site avatar, which is an image I took the day I turned twenty-one.  I’d drank the night before, a bit more than normal.  It being the midnight I turned 21.  I had to get up at 7:00am the next morning, woke up at 7:21 and found a taxi across town to the Field House for my 8:00am-12:00pm mandatory CPR training for my job as a climbing instructor/wall attendant/gear shop junkie (Outdoor Rental Center) for the University, even though I was planning on quitting at the end of the semester—which I’ve done—in response to me trying to move to Egypt, or rather moving to Egypt once either my contract with my apartment is up or someone sub-leases it from me.  I made it there just on time. I always seem to get lost in that building, even though it’s not that difficult. I’m just not capable of figuring this singular building out.  All the other ones on campus I’ve got down to a T, but not this one.

Anyways, I’d been anxious to get out of class, and interested in class the whole morning; tired because I’d gone to sleep ‘round 2:30, or 3:00am.  I learned the new CPR, 30 presses and all, two breaths, repeat.  I’d had my pencil out after learning child CPR and now the instructor was just talking about CPR in general and we might’ve gotten out early, if not for this, to be fair we did get out early, about half an hour early, which he said was quite rare.

He’d skipped over something, I thanked jesus, not really.  I was tapping the pencil in impatience and excitement of getting out of class because Iowa City’s North Side Oktoberfest was beginning at, perhaps it began at eleven in the morning, but maybe it was two in the afternoon, I don’t know why but those two times are stuck in my head and they seem the most likely and so I’ll go with them.

I was tapping the pencil and finally the teacher concluded early after we all eagerly implied to him we had no further questions.  In triumph I stuck the tip of the pencil in the CPR-baby’s mouth and stoop up.  I immediately saw it and laughed out of some gruesome irony.  Something like the fact I was just learning about how to save this fake baby and then I fake killed this fake baby with a pencil in its throat, so morbid but fake that I couldn’t help but laugh.  It wasn’t a hearty-har-har laugh it was just a chuckle, deep and nearly under my breath.  I took up my camera and snapped a shot and the sound of the film advancing caused everyone to turn.  My instructor’d been watching and remarked about it and I just looked at him and told him I thought it was humorous, in a weird way and I left it at that.

That pretty much is how the picture came about.

Info: I shoot on a Canon T-70, this was shot with my 55mm lens.


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