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[Idea] Food Sovereignty

What a beautiful concept.

It essentially means that if you produce some form of food within the city, and sell it locally as well, you do not need to go through any bureaucracy (i.e. regulations, lawyers, etc.).

So, you raise chickens, sell it to your neighbor who chops them up and sells them to more neighbors.  With each transaction the consumer and seller enter into a private agreement which “waive[s] any liability for the consumption of that food.”

Furthermore, the ordinance that the following article refers to in the town of Sedgwick, Maine makes it illegal for any state or federal law to interfere with this ordinance.  What a beautiful concept.

Time to implement this idea into your town.  Spread the word.

Aside: Even more beautiful is the fact that the New England town hall meetings, a form of direct democracy, allowed this to happen by allowing all 120 voters at the meeting to vote “yay” or “nay” on the issue.  It won unanimously.  Beautiful.

Read this article from Health Impact News to learn more: HERE



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