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Dessert at Sanctuary: Indulge

Desert at SanctuaryYou walk in, the lighting is low, everything seems older and you immediately notice the amount of wood, used and stained by beer, liquor and wine, food too.  You pick a bench towards the back, the wood creaks. You look at your best friend across the table.  You struggle to choose from the 20+ draft beers, and 50 or more bottled beers, settling on draft cause you know it’s better.  You each drink two, and then he tells you how he is craving some sweets, as if he isn’t always.  You don’t stop him.  He orders two creme brulees and one molten lava chocolate cake. You order two more beers.  You can’t help but smile as you see the steam rising from the chocolate and the smell of the burnt sugar.  You try to eat the creme judiciously, but give up towards the end shoveling it in.  You both look up, knowing it’s time to begin. Decadence.  Beer washes it all down, drink and drink again.  Some times, you’ve just go to indulge in life.

Sometimes you’ve just got to indulge. Am I right?

This was taken on my Canon T-70 with my best friend after drinking a few beers and he decided he wanted to buy each of us a creme brulee and then a molten lava chocolate cake.  It was good.   It was at my favorite local pub (Sanctuary) where I’ll go to unwind, drink a beer or six, often by myself.  I think I prefer it that way.


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