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[WorldStarHipHop] LA Sheriff Punches Special Needs Girl in the Face

My intentions were to post this yesterday, but forgot.  So, it’s up today.

Now, cops wonder why they’ve got bad reputations…  Me too…. Wait, no I don’t.

I think this highlights a very important issue in law enforcement today.  That is, the rising aggression (perhaps not even rising, as there has been police brutality documented throughout history) of police towards civilians, which is in turn being supported by cities purchasing for their law enforcement militarized equipment, such as drones and tanks.  Why do they need these things?  Are they really that scared of us?

I think the better solution is not to figure out how to put us down, but to ask themselves why the every day civilian is pissed at the government, and then figure what they can do to assuage that anger.

I dunno, perhaps provide more social safety-nets, instead of, you know, cutting them…  *shrug* but who am I to say anything, just a college student whose going to have to pay back college loans for the first quite a few years after being done with school, as opposed to begin saving for the rest of my life.

Anyways, $20.

Original Source: http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhvvqUN45rNQy4vm30



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2 thoughts on “[WorldStarHipHop] LA Sheriff Punches Special Needs Girl in the Face

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