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[The Atlantic] British Citizen Held in US Custody for Seven Years, No Charges Filed

In this article at The Atlantic, they detail how the British government was complicit in the torturing of one of their own citizens, how the Obama administration tried to cover it all up, and how his torture made ‘waterboarding seem like child’s play’.  Wow.  In the end, when they realized he wasn’t a terrorist, they let him go.  NO charges filed.  SEVEN, read that, SEVEN years in custody, sent to Morocco under Bush for torture on a CIA chartered plane, then to Guantanamo.  But, in the end, you know, after taking a razor to his body, even his genitals, they realized he was innocent and let him go.  So, it’s all good.  No worries.  All’s well that ends well, right?

And don’t worry about the NDAA.

Barack Obama - NDAA Legacy

Image by DonkeyHotey via Flickr

With its provision for indefinite detaining of American citizens, or anyone for that matter, you know, the government wouldn’t  ever do that to one of their own.  They would only do it to prisoners of war.  They wouldn’t hold an American citizen indefinitely in Guantanamo or anything like that….

No.  Never.  Nothing to worry about, sheep.  Just keep “baaa’ing” around, wool over your eyes.  Just nod and smile, Big Brother will watch out for you.  No worries.

In regards to that, my brother brought another article, this one from the New York Times a few days ago to my attention, here.

But neither of these guys were American citizens.  They don’t matter, don’t worry about it.  Everything will be A OKAY.

It will, won’t it?



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