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[A New Idea] Google & Facebook Integration, a Specific

Really?  Newt Gingrich?

There should be a google search.

There should be a Google search when he says “Google it”.  I should be able to click on that phrase and have it Google what he is telling me.

Laziness aside, can someone answer a question for me?  Maybe two.

1. Newt Gingrich won the South Carolina Primary?  Are you serious?  (this all counts as one, don’t be persnickety)

2.  What does it mean when the main representation of so called Conservative Christians is a thrice devorced, adulterer, openly admitted, and whom would have us at war with every country who opposed our “national interests”; how is he the supported choice for the candidacy of that demographic?

And, if you read American Foreign Policy Hasn’t Changed Much, then you would know what “national interests” really means.  I’ll tell you, it’s not coffee, but you’re in the right direction with color and state (i.e. liquid).

That said, Google, take note, release an app for the computer that allows you to do that, the Google Search via a link embedded into the conversation threads in Facebook based off what they’re saying, but only initiated when one says, “Google it”.



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