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[Matador Network] A Review, A Reference, A Picture

“You are not what you own.”

Scouring the internet for all manner of things I might need as I prepare to begin a new chapter in my life (I’m leaving Iowa City and moving to Egypt for some indefinable amount of time, a few months, a year, who knows).  Lenses for my 35mm Canon 7E, books, WWOOFing opportunities, dictionaries, camping gear, backpacking gear, visas, headphones, external hard drives… and voice recorders.

Cue Matador contributor Richard Stupart, he was reviewing a very expensive, but high-quality audio recorder.  Not only was the writing superb, the samples of the product were magnificent.
So, put your head phones in, the nice ones if you’ve got ’em.  Put em in, close your eyes, not too loud, but drown out the cafe or the home and listen to this sample from Richard.

Before you do, this is his description of the file:
It’s 6am in Gulu, Uganda, and I’m sitting outside as the sun starts to climb out of the sleep and the mist. The roosters are starting to do their thing, one tripping off another like some feathered telegraph. The crickets haven’t quite sussed out that it’s time to hand over the day, and the first traffic is starting to make its way up the dirt road behind the house.

The link to the review is here.  And then the link to Richard’s work is here.


My favorite page, with information that I bet is going to be infinitely helpful to me is this here.  This is the Cape to Cairo page, detailing all the information a traveler could want on his trip from Cape Town to Cairo via local transportation.  Including visa information, and his packing list (that must’ve taken forever, I mean, I’ve changed what I’m bringing 50x times, just to Egypt, and now I have more books on my list than clothes, because I refuse to buy a kindle, or iPad, I want a voice recorder instead, hah!)

Enjoy all this great information.

[Note: I in no way was encouraged or paid do this, but did it simply because I loved this information and wanted to share it with you.]

A little reminder, from me to you.


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2 thoughts on “[Matador Network] A Review, A Reference, A Picture

  1. I’m glad the recorder review was useful – it’s probably one of my favourite pieces of gear. I’ve also discovered recently that you can record audio on it while shooting video (separately) on your 7D/60D/5D and then replace the SLR’s less-than-super audio with the recorder’s far superior version using a piece of software called DualEyes. So the sound recorder essentially becomes a slightly chunky, but really useful wireless mic for video recording. That truly made my day. :)

    Posted by Richard | January 26, 2012, 16:49
    • Indeed, I’d read that while searching and researching.

      I ended up purchasing the Tascam dr-05, as for the price it seemed the best, because I couldn’t budget $250 for myself, it being my first time, but I wanted something that would be worth my while.

      So, if I end up doing something good with it, I can say it was cause of your review. haha

      Thanks for the comment, I hope you’ll check back to see what I’ve done with good audio once I’ve some of my own.

      Posted by J.E. Krauss | January 26, 2012, 20:04

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