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[Update] Life Aboard: In Transit

*Note: This is full of grammatical mistakes, of which I’m leaving in for now, but will edit at a later date to be more cohesive and clear.  J

I apologize for the slowing of posts.  I currently am in transit from Iowa City to Egypt, first via Chicago and now I’m in Long Island.  I’ll be in New York tomorrow night, Friday, and then Saturday I leave for Cairo, arriving Sunday.

Egypt: Gizeh

Egypt: Gizeh (Photo credit: Brooklyn Museum)

I’ve got the past three days written up in short blurbs.  Perhaps I’ll post them all once I’m on my way to Egypt.

A few of the things I’ve been thinking of: the way traveling to new places effects your willingness to just go look at stuff, and how much you can enjoy it, the need for an external social manipulator of some fashion which only works like a side dish, the entree being conversation (so not television) and this could be a meal, music, drink, smoking legal and not, and so on; also I’ve been thinking about the need for people, when they formulate ideas about what a group of people should be doing, is best to simply talk out loud the ideas, and not be beholden to anyone, within reason, and only dislike things for solid facts, and dislike specifically, and enjoy broadly.  In regards to the talking out loud, it facilitates a group think as opposed to one person trying to lead the group, which unless there is an established order, can lead to conflicts, silent or voiced much easier than simply talking through different options, reasons why and why not and reaching a decision which all can agree on, because since groups are mainly small which I’m referring to, 2 to 10 people can work fairly efficiently in this process.  But it requires open communication and a willingness to listen and consider in depth.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about the need for establishing plans and knowing what your plan is, but also thinking of other possibilities and options, depending on certain, sometimes unfavorable outcomes. Life is chess, after all.

Yet, unlike in real chess, the queen can be your dream, and just like when you kill the queen or get the dream, the game isn’t over, because killing the queen helps you get to the king, and that learning to be happy, or accept where you’re not but not be satisfied and always striving for better.  I feel as though we should always strive, because in striving we are giving purpose to ourselves, our lives, and our actions.  And as we increase ourselves in all capacities we become a better contributor to the world at large and make better the world, hopefully, for not only ourselves today, but for those who come after us, whether they’re our children or not.

I suggest you quit watching the news, and beginning reading the big international newspapers online, read from two or three on the same topic and begin to see how they say the same thing differently.  That’s when you begin to realize what’s really going on in the world.

Or, you go see it for yourself, but even then you can be misled, you must do your research and learning.  Don’t be lax, but the beauty is, is that when you begin to understand people in your own society, due to long exposure, especially your family and friends, you can begin to understand all people, because we’re not all so different.  Despite our little intricacies, we’re in fact quite similar.  The thing that differentiates us the most isn’t our physical appearance, but rather our actions and thoughts, and those are what give meaning to us, and more than just the individual actions and thoughts, but the compounding of all of these give way to our character.

I know most of us know all this, and so I admit it’s not new or original, but it is my thoughts, and these are my words.  As for the quality or worth of such, I’m not so sure, but here they are.

J.E. Krauss

P.S.  I’m high, my mind is a ramblin’.  Much love.


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