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Consistency? Nah.

So, in the drafts there are 4 half-written pieces, not to mention the ones on my computer, and not on WordPress.

However, I’m traveling, and it’s hard to get into a rhythm of work when doing so.  So, until I’m in the Sinai (about two weeks or so) I’ve given up on trying to be consistent.  Well, in reality, I gave up on it a while ago, but this is me acknowledging it.  So, once I’m there it will be much more consistent.
You see, I can’t take my computer anywhere here, because I refuse to go to Starbucks, or Costa Coffee, or Beano or any of the nice cafes in Zamalek, because why would I?  Going to an ahwa beladi (literally it means “coffee my country”) is way cheaper and has more of an authentic feel to it.   So, I don’t get to sit with my coffee for hours in the coffee shop working.  And at night, friends come over to chill with my brother (now I would consider them my friends too) and we smoke hash, play GameCube, order food, laugh, listen to music, debate, insult, the normal.  It’s not really much different, to be honest, than my life was like in America, and at the same time it is 100% different.  And it’s a welcomed change, just for something new.

So, I apologize for my inconsistencies.

Look out for new posts soon.


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