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[Website Update] New Banner “You Are Not What You Own”

"You are not what you own."

I took this picture on a wonderful day in the winter.  It was the Summer’s Winter, as I keep calling it.  This day was probably hovering around fifty degrees, in January.  So, you can understand why.  My girlfriend and I had just finished lunch, were standing by the river, I was taking pictures of her randomly while she smoked a cigarette, then I proved I could do a handstand, to which she was mildly surprised.  –I knew she harbored suspicions as to the truth of my claim.–  This caught my eye, out over the water.  It took me a while to get it right, as I was using my telephoto lens, with no tripod.  Not to mention I’d never actually shot a picture with it.  I spent a while composing the picture, trying to calm my breathing, take up a comfortable stance, get something in the foreground to give it depth.  This is the result, shot on my Canon T-70.



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