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Where to go fishing?

A part, I feel, of being successful is being willing to strike out.  That said, I received a rejection letter from AGNI about two weeks ago.  To be expected.  Reading what I sent, now, months later, I’m glad it wasn’t published.

I’ve still got that gap that Ira Glass talks about, the one between my taste, my expectation and what I actually create.

I’m obviously not ready for submitting to the Paris Review.  So, which one am I ready for?

I figured I’d pose this question to you, the interwebz.  I’m looking for fiction, creative non-fiction.  Something that is reputable, but open to new and emerging writers.  I’m looking for the submission date to be sometime in July or August.

Now, I’ve scoured pw.org and other such sites, and seen the open contests, the classifieds, but frankly I can’t make heads or tails of it.  They all seem good.  I don’t have the correct lenses to filter what I’m seeing.



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