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Luster, lusty, lust, lusterer, lusting

Just a quick bit to say: Yo!  I know I haven’t been posting at all lately, but that’s not because I’m in anyway in a bad place, in fact, quite the opposite.  I’ve been staying organized, staying on time, getting things accomplished, and I’m in a real fucking good place because of it.

That’s not to say there hasn’t been trials, but maneuvering through them–Last night I was working a project (specifically stubborn climbing route) of mine in the gym, the crux to be exact, was being quite troublesome, and as you don’t need anything but your middle and ring fingers and thumb to climb the route, those digits are quite tired by the time you reach the crux.  You’ll be hanging there, breathing hard, sweating, slipping, precariously looking above and as you yell, “Take!” to your belayer below, you grip tighter and see the hold, easily within reach, and even though you want to let go and take a rest, you want a clean (no mistakes) send (finishing the route) more, and so sounding off a little grunt you reach up, and keep moving until you find that next solid jug (big cup handle of a hold) where you can hang and recover before finishing.–has left me feeling quite…pleased.

Anyway, keep thinking about your life, keep thinking about what little ways you can improve.  Those are the things that add up, and that stick.  Work those in, breath, relax when you can.  (Metaphorically, or not…it’s a tic now, I can’t help it!) Chalk up and look at what’s ahead of you.  Prepare.  Don’t plan too much, leave room for some play, some movement, some nature.

Peace & Love

The Great Pyramids

The Great Pyramids at Sunset.

P.S. This is a first (un-edited) look at my pictures from my trip to Egypt (Where I was from February to May).  I also did some kickin’ about in Jordan and Israel, and, before my Africa/Asia jaunts, there were my two (one and two halves) jaunts.  I went first for two days to Chicago, and then 3  days to Long Island, and then 2 nights in Brooklyn.  I’m going to go chronologically, as best as I can.  But, this one is just for some outdoor luster: Get the fuck outside!  It’s too awesome to not enjoy.


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