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[Al Jazeera Opinions] Hamid Dabashi Feeds My Soul

I wrote earlier, in this article, on Incessant Experiences, about why I would not be voting for any Presidential candidate.  And a dear friend of mine also wrote on her Facebook page why she would not be voting.  We were ostracized to some degree, marginalized, dismissed with responses that disregarded what we were saying, dismissed us for various reasons: crazy, lazy, apathetic, stupid, uneducated, unintelligent, blind, fanatical, crazy.  I have a fairly thick skin for these things, and didn’t care much, but I could see a frustration and a pain in my friends actions and words, a sort of heartbreak, at being dismissed by people she thought were her friends, who she thought would listen to her, thought would try to understand her.

Many did understand she and I.  And I appreciate them a lot. Let my entire condemnation of those who refuse to understand, to listen and simply dismiss be the appreciation for those who do take the time to not just react to what I say, but take it in and attempt to understand why I feel this way.

Hamid Dabashi, writing on Al Jazeera, has given me some more hope.  I had a realization, or maybe distillation of an idea and I knew this already, but it wasn’t so clear to me, at least not in these words: We cannot look to our President, or our government, for hope or change; the only hope and change that can affect this nation is within each individual, within each of us, and so it is necessary that I live my life by my principles, and speak to anyone who will listen about them, because that is how change happens.

It feels good for such a man who, at least from his title (which admittedly doesn’t always mean a lot), is intelligent, and knowledgeable about the world, to say these things which are so near to my heart and my mind, and yet so far from the understanding of many of those around me.  It feels good for me to read these things and be reassured that I’m not alone in the world in these beliefs.  I knew beforehand that I was not, but this is someone who I can recognize as being in a position vastly greater than my own in so many capacities.  I appreciate this so much.

Next article I’ll expand upon these ideas of change.

In the meantime, happy day.  Peace & Love.


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