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Where is our border policy taking us?

Let me set up the situation for you:

1. Our Senate just passed a border patrol act.

The 67-to-27 vote prevented any filibuster of the plan to devote roughly $40 billion over the next decade to border enforcement measures, including nearly doubling the number of border agents to 40,000 and completing 700 miles of fencing.

2. And Democrats control the Senate.  Yet still many Republicans oppose the bill, despite:

The Corker-Hoeven plan helped bring on board more than a dozen Republicans, many of whom said they were reluctant to support any immigration overhaul that did not secure the southern border and guard against a future wave of illegal immigrants. Their amendment will also require a $3.2 billion high-tech border surveillance plan — including drone aircraft and long-range thermal imaging cameras — as well as an electronic employment verification system and a visa entry/exit system at all air and sea ports.

3. I’m quite curious who is getting more of what they want here?  Are the Democrats giving in to stricter border policies in exchange for a weak attempt at immigration reform?

All those security measures must be in place before any undocumented immigrant can become a legal permanent resident and receive a green card.

4. A question for you: What sort of situation would force you to flee your home?

5. Another question: If your family was forced to flee their home, would you want them to meet…

Now, while wanting to “flee a hellhole” is understandable, what isn’t is the idea that the people who are fleeing are the ones who are A. responsible for the problems, and B. the ones who refuse to do anything about it.

When, in reality, those fleeing are the people who ARE doing something about it.  They’re doing what they think is best to protect their family.  They’re doing the only thing that seems sane to them.  So much so that they are willing to die in the attempt of it.

Aren’t these the people that we want in America?  Kids who will do this alone.

The journey north is harrowing, says Kennedy, who recently published an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association detailing the fragile mental states of young border crossers. On the trains and trails, some are raped, drugged, maimed, and robbed, she says. The lucky ones arrive in planes and then are nabbed by border authorities at the airport.

6. Last question: Did you know that the European Union paid Muammar Gaddafi to stop illegal immigrants from Africa crossing into Southern European countries?  And do you think they’re safe?

Col Gaddafi has so far received only £42 million in EU funding to improve treatment of refugees heading for Europe…

-If we’re going to strengthen our borders in this manner, we need to open legal paths to citizenship, and not just for the best and brightest.  And the legal paths should be happening either before or as the reinforcements arrive.


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