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Baradei Transfered to Prime Minister

Excuse the football pun.

I’m curious what this means. My first thought was: They’re giving him the lead to organize a plural constitutional assembly to write into existence a new government, with a blank slate from the military to structure civil society and the economy more publicly, transparently, and judiciously. Egypt’s revolution, then, could redefine the scope of possibilities for a revolution, being far greater even and especially than the French Revolution.

My second reactionary thought was: How much are they paying him, speaking in idiom of course, because I don’t think Baradei could be bought with money. My worry was that Baradei had been co-opted, that he’d been foolishly optimistic and hoodwinked by the military, or that he’d been given certain promises which will go unmet in the future, robbing him of reputation, and thus power, in Egypt.

In regards to the first I recognize that often times in desert mirages you see what you wish because you’ve been deprived it. For the second, pessimism is the result of desert walks.

In the end, we keep walking and find out what’s what.


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