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The shocking numbers behind corporate welfare | Al Jazeera America


Every time there is a conversation about welfare subsidy, there needs to be a mention of corporate subsidies. If welfare subsidy, which has been shown empirically to result in a net-worth gain for America (e.g., for every dollar spent on welfare, the country gains more than one dollar in value) is debatable, than so is corporate welfare, especially when we’re providing subsidies to companies that do not need it. Consider: 13.2 Billion dollars in subsidies to Boeing over a number of years, not to mention 5 billion to Alcoa, and billions more to other multi-national corporations. How much is NASA’s budget? How much does DHS receive for food stamps, support for single mothers, or abused children, or orphans, or the mentally ill, or the disabled, or healthcare?

It might not equal out, we might spend more on all of those things I just mentioned, when combined…but, should we be spending this much on corporate subsidies when we’re debating about how much to spend on welfare and the like?
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