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Some facts about how NSA stories are reported – The Intercept


Important Points From This Article:
1. Snowden does not decide what or when articles are published. This is exclusively the decision of the journalist and their editors, as he has given over no documents since June 9th.

2. The purpose of his decision to remove himself from the decision making process of what and when to publish was to allow institutions (media outlets in this instance) with experience in handling secret information and the release of that information to the public to make more reasoned and rationed decisions than he felt he could make.

3. A data dump, wherein all of his files given to journalist be released without redactions, not only breaches the agreement reached between Snowden and the journalists, but is much more likely to result in harm to innocents. Snowden, as is common among sources for journalists, gave data which was allowed to be published, which was exclusively for background/context, which was exclusively to be off the record. A data dump would go against these conditions, and be a breach of the journalists’ integrity.

4. Releases which do not exclusively relate to violations by the USG of Americans’ rights are important. Some critics of Snowden claim he is not a legitimate whistleblower because revelations have (and likely will) go beyond violations of US citizens’ rights. This stance implies, then, that actions such as collection of communication data of entire populations, or the hypocritical hacking of Chinese companies by the NSA, black box sites wherein foreigners are held and tortured, are not appropriate information for Snowden to be releasing because it goes beyond the nationalistic standard they have set for legitimate whistleblowing. This disregards basic rights of human beings, putting American citizens wholly above, morally, legally, ethically, the rest of the world.

5. You should read this article if you care about the Snowden Files.
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