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[The Sartorialist] Italy, the 70s, a Wedding and a perfect picture

I needed to share this picture with you.  This is one of my favorite pictures I’ve ever seen. That guy in the suit on the right with the glasses and the hair…perfect.  I would be him.  Also, her shoes are interesting, totally non-wedding like, but they work.  The light, the houses, the feel of 35mm … Continue reading

[Matador Network] A Review, A Reference, A Picture

“You are not what you own.” Scouring the internet for all manner of things I might need as I prepare to begin a new chapter in my life (I’m leaving Iowa City and moving to Egypt for some indefinable amount of time, a few months, a year, who knows).  Lenses for my 35mm Canon 7E, … Continue reading

[Media] The Mast Brothers by The Scout Mag

The Mast Brothers from The Scout on Vimeo. The Mast Brothers I feel what they feel, but not necessarily for chocolate. They make me want to feel this way about chocolate, but I feel that way more about life, in general, but traveling, writing, experiencing and loving to be specific. As my dear said when … Continue reading

[The Atlantic] British Citizen Held in US Custody for Seven Years, No Charges Filed

In this article at The Atlantic, they detail how the British government was complicit in the torturing of one of their own citizens, how the Obama administration tried to cover it all up, and how his torture made ‘waterboarding seem like child’s play’.  Wow.  In the end, when they realized he wasn’t a terrorist, they … Continue reading

[WorldStarHipHop] LA Sheriff Punches Special Needs Girl in the Face

My intentions were to post this yesterday, but forgot.  So, it’s up today. Now, cops wonder why they’ve got bad reputations…  Me too…. Wait, no I don’t. I think this highlights a very important issue in law enforcement today.  That is, the rising aggression (perhaps not even rising, as there has been police brutality documented … Continue reading

[YouTube] In Case You Need a Reason to Smile

I was sitting here, in my little room in the Iowa City Public Library, shut away from the low hum of people walking, pulling books off the shelves, printing, chatting.  I was trying to do my rewrite of my short story.  I was supposed to cut off 10% of the length, so about 110 words, … Continue reading

[YouTube] Noam Chomsky on Marijuana

I loved this short clip by Chomsky.  He gives a little background, history on marijuana’s criminalization.  He speaks to something that I first heard about, at least the idea, from my brother when he shared a video with a linguist, I believe, from MIT, Stephen Pinker or something of that sort. Anyway, the idea being … Continue reading

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