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A Non-Vote

Must I be forced to choose between, as is oft said, the lesser of two evils? How dare you suppose that those are my only options. How dare you suppose that if I will not vote for them, that I must at least vote for a third party. How dare you suppose that not voting … Continue reading

How Do You Write About Self-Immolation

Forget that Mohammed Bouazizi died of wounds on January 4, 2011 suffered when he set fire to himself on December 17, 2010, 18 days before. I have barely begun to write of it, only related my experience of attempting to burn my own hand to feel the feeling of skin peeling, and yet I couldn’t … Continue reading

The Elephant in the Room

And so, the question is: Are you happy? What was your immediate reaction to this?  For just like me telling you to not think about a pink elephant, or to, you inevitably will.  And so I’m wondering, for your own sake, what was your knee-jerk reaction. There are numerous ways within which to consider this … Continue reading

[Life Abroad] Squatting, Homesick, Bumming (wrapped up with a dose of reality)

I’ve just arrived in Cairo from the Sinai where after ending my volunteership (is that a word?) at Habiba Organic Farm I, among others, inhabited some bungalows in an abandoned camp directly beside the Habiba Village on the beach in Nuweiba.  I lived in a bungalow, about 40m from the ocean, slept and woke to … Continue reading

Let Me Ask You a Question

To what do you dedicate yourself? For that is who you are.  It doesn’t have to be one answer, it can be 5,000.  But, it could be just 2 things. But, to what do you dedicate yourself? I dedicate myself to experiences in the fullest sense.  My craft is writing, and I have a strong … Continue reading

[Update] Life Aboard: In Transit

*Note: This is full of grammatical mistakes, of which I’m leaving in for now, but will edit at a later date to be more cohesive and clear.  J — I apologize for the slowing of posts.  I currently am in transit from Iowa City to Egypt, first via Chicago and now I’m in Long Island.  … Continue reading

[The Spiel, Feb.] Of those who say nothing…

Of those who say nothing, few are silent. ~ Thomas Neill There are many facets of my personality that have morphed or been replaced as I’ve gained more years, i.e., as I’ve “grown up.” One constant has been my affinity for quotes. In high school, I would use as many quotes as I could manage … Continue reading

Missing Saturday Mornings

You miss it all when you’re not around. You never even know, on the other side of the world, that he’s going to his first day of pre-school, or the first time he actually plays with other children. It’s when you see the picture and he’s bigger, taller, thinner. It’s when he says, “Hi Uncle … Continue reading

Updated About Page

Updated: January 30th, 2012 Incessant Experiences is about experiences, and incessantly seeking them. 

In the Sinai, A Library!, Farms!, Ocean & Mountains….and brownies?

After reading this post at “Turning Bedouin” I’m very excited to arrive at the organic farm in Habiba Village, near Nuweiba, South Sinai, Egypt.  I’ll be arriving there mid to late march and staying most likely until early May. The article talks about tourism beginning to rise again, with the stability that the post-revolution period … Continue reading

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