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Luster, lusty, lust, lusterer, lusting

Just a quick bit to say: Yo!  I know I haven’t been posting at all lately, but that’s not because I’m in anyway in a bad place, in fact, quite the opposite.  I’ve been staying organized, staying on time, getting things accomplished, and I’m in a real fucking good place because of it. That’s not … Continue reading

[Website Update] New Banner “You Are Not What You Own”

I took this picture on a wonderful day in the winter.  It was the Summer’s Winter, as I keep calling it.  This day was probably hovering around fifty degrees, in January.  So, you can understand why.  My girlfriend and I had just finished lunch, were standing by the river, I was taking pictures of her … Continue reading

Missing Saturday Mornings

You miss it all when you’re not around. You never even know, on the other side of the world, that he’s going to his first day of pre-school, or the first time he actually plays with other children. It’s when you see the picture and he’s bigger, taller, thinner. It’s when he says, “Hi Uncle … Continue reading

Beer & Wine on Flights…Free…YES! – I’m gonna be toasted.

So, apparently American Airlines has changed their policy to serve free beer and wine on flights on international flights between America and Europe, Asia and some Latin American destinations. Discretion of amount to passengers via Cabin Crew. I hope this is the case for Aeroflot, the Russian airline, which I bet it is since…well..I dunno, … Continue reading

[Matador Network] A Review, A Reference, A Picture

“You are not what you own.” Scouring the internet for all manner of things I might need as I prepare to begin a new chapter in my life (I’m leaving Iowa City and moving to Egypt for some indefinable amount of time, a few months, a year, who knows).  Lenses for my 35mm Canon 7E, … Continue reading

Dessert at Sanctuary: Indulge

Desert at Sanctuary

Sometimes you’ve just got to indulge. Am I right?

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The Site Avatar

I decided to talk a bit about my site avatar, which is an image I took the day I turned twenty-one.  I’d drank the night before, a bit more than normal.  It being the midnight I turned 21.  I had to get up at 7:00am the next morning, woke up at 7:21 and found a … Continue reading

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