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Vicente Fox (Mexican Prez) Says Legalize It

Okay, so he’s the former President of Mexico, but, in theory, this should lend him more weight, seeing as he was a full supporter of America’s War on Drugs during his tenure (2000-2006). Now, though, he is at a conference where Harvard’s Dean of Public Health, a former Microsoft executive, and a Mexican Congressman are … Continue reading

Education is Essential to Protest: A Reading List from Taksim Square

Protests are occurring in [INSERT COUNTRY NAME]. Let’s talk about Turkey.  Protests have turned violent, and have turned non-violent.  Which is fair, reflective and fairly accurately of human emotions and the way humans deal with emotions.  You either go from frustrated to violent because you feel a lack of self-control, because you feel restricted and … Continue reading

Where is our border policy taking us?

Let me set up the situation for you: 1. Our Senate just passed a border patrol act. The 67-to-27 vote prevented any filibuster of the plan to devote roughly $40 billion over the next decade to border enforcement measures, including nearly doubling the number of border agents to 40,000 and completing 700 miles of fencing. … Continue reading

Marijuana Industry Needs Regulation: Creating Criminals from Entrepreneurs

Marijuana is no longer the undisclosed business it once was in America.  For decades growers have hidden in their homes and in deep forests, in small communities where an alternative lifestyle has flourished. I can imagine that growing marijuana (considering non-cartel related growers only) in an accepting community feels good (such as outlined in the … Continue reading

Irony in the Middle East: Al Qaeda Fights Indirectly (sort of) for Democracy, And the West Just Fights

This graffiti was found on a street near Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt.  This picture was taken in February 2012 by the author.   Would you believe me if I said Al Qaeda’s actions in Egypt has helped fuel dissent of King Abdullah II in Jordan, and the demands of the people for political reform, … Continue reading

Does the “West” want an open conflict with Syria?

With increased tension between Turkey and Syria, Israel and Syria, and Syria and opposition groups (it’s naive to lump them into one category such as rebels, or revolutionary forces, or under one umbrella organization newly popped up from Doha, Qatar, as they are not an organized opposition, they are groups of opposition) my natural curiosity … Continue reading

[Al Jazeera Opinions] Hamid Dabashi Feeds My Soul

I wrote earlier, in this article, on Incessant Experiences, about why I would not be voting for any Presidential candidate.  And a dear friend of mine also wrote on her Facebook page why she would not be voting.  We were ostracized to some degree, marginalized, dismissed with responses that disregarded what we were saying, dismissed … Continue reading

A Non-Vote

Must I be forced to choose between, as is oft said, the lesser of two evils? How dare you suppose that those are my only options. How dare you suppose that if I will not vote for them, that I must at least vote for a third party. How dare you suppose that not voting … Continue reading

How Do You Write About Self-Immolation

Forget that Mohammed Bouazizi died of wounds on January 4, 2011 suffered when he set fire to himself on December 17, 2010, 18 days before. I have barely begun to write of it, only related my experience of attempting to burn my own hand to feel the feeling of skin peeling, and yet I couldn’t … Continue reading

[A New Idea] Google & Facebook Integration, a Specific

There should be a Google search when he says “Google it”.  I should be able to click on that phrase and have it Google what he is telling me. Laziness aside, can someone answer a question for me?  Maybe two. 1. Newt Gingrich won the South Carolina Primary?  Are you serious?  (this all counts as … Continue reading

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