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Luster, lusty, lust, lusterer, lusting

Just a quick bit to say: Yo!  I know I haven’t been posting at all lately, but that’s not because I’m in anyway in a bad place, in fact, quite the opposite.  I’ve been staying organized, staying on time, getting things accomplished, and I’m in a real fucking good place because of it. That’s not … Continue reading

The Elephant in the Room

And so, the question is: Are you happy? What was your immediate reaction to this?  For just like me telling you to not think about a pink elephant, or to, you inevitably will.  And so I’m wondering, for your own sake, what was your knee-jerk reaction. There are numerous ways within which to consider this … Continue reading

[Non-Fiction] Still Life

This was a short writing exercise for one of my classes this semester. I stand under the shower head and let the warm water run over my body.  The clasp is missing a screw and so the water shoots down towards the wall, away from me and I’m forced to hold it up so the … Continue reading

[Life Abroad] Squatting, Homesick, Bumming (wrapped up with a dose of reality)

I’ve just arrived in Cairo from the Sinai where after ending my volunteership (is that a word?) at Habiba Organic Farm I, among others, inhabited some bungalows in an abandoned camp directly beside the Habiba Village on the beach in Nuweiba.  I lived in a bungalow, about 40m from the ocean, slept and woke to … Continue reading

[Life Abroad] Before Culture Shock and After…nothing?

I’m sitting in my brother’s apartment in Dokki, Cairo, Egypt. It’s February 21st.  It’s a small neighborhood on the West side of the Nile. It’s as dirty as anywhere else, and just as crowded. I arrived late at night, hopped in Nasr’s car and drove quickly to where my brother lives because there was no … Continue reading

Itchy Feet: Detergent

Itchy Feet: Adventure Shopping

  Apologies – something went wrong with last week’s comic upload and I didn’t catch it until now. The good news is, there shall be two comics this week!

Let Me Ask You a Question

To what do you dedicate yourself? For that is who you are.  It doesn’t have to be one answer, it can be 5,000.  But, it could be just 2 things. But, to what do you dedicate yourself? I dedicate myself to experiences in the fullest sense.  My craft is writing, and I have a strong … Continue reading

[Update] Life Aboard: In Transit

*Note: This is full of grammatical mistakes, of which I’m leaving in for now, but will edit at a later date to be more cohesive and clear.  J — I apologize for the slowing of posts.  I currently am in transit from Iowa City to Egypt, first via Chicago and now I’m in Long Island.  … Continue reading

Itchy Feet: You Say Tomato

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