What We’re About

Incessant Experiences.

It’s all in the title.  Every day we have experiences that affect us, whether deep or shallow, these experiences and our responses to them mold us into the human beings that we wake and become every new morning.
This is a place where we can share those experiences.

My hope is that this will be a place where we can always push ourselves to be better, in any way that you want to define that.  And I have a strong belief that all portions of our cultures play a role in that, all forms of language and expression are important to growing and learning as a human being.

We will not limit ourselves at Incessant Experiences to just literary categories, or just videos, or just music, or just graphic art.  We will not even limit ourselves to just the known.  It is our goal to constantly be in search of what we do not know, what we do not understand.  That search happens both in the physical world, and in the metaphysical world.  It happens in conversations with other people, and the conversations within our own head.  It happens in the stories we tell of other people, and the internal monologue of our own lives.

We here have a perverse desire for the truth.  We will make mistakes.  And we will admit to those mistakes.

Life is learning, and you learn through a study of your experiences, and we hope to experience with all five senses and then share with you.  And sometimes we won’t know what we’ve learned, and we’ll share that too.

But, most importantly, we want there to be a conversation, a dialogue, and that above all else is what we hope to achieve here.  That when you are done reading anything you find here you’ll be left with questions, or some answers which lead you to more questions.

We want to throw you off the cliff of assuredness.  We want to make you jump, and in jumping let you figure out how to fly for yourself, how to ask questions, how to find answers for yourself.

We hope you never stop seeking experiences, and we hope you’ll share them with us.



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