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I watched this today. And then they had a Q&A which was awesome. Free concert tomorrow in IC at 7:30pm #Niyaz from Facebook http://ift.tt/1mDXpdd via IFTTT Advertisements

NIYAZ feat. AZAM ALI – Beni Beni (live at Etnika festival)

http://ift.tt/1qfxuKf They’re playing a free concert (thanks to my awesome Proffessor, Ahmed Souaiaia) at the Old Brick Church tomorrow at 7:30PM. You should all go. It will be excellent. from Facebook http://ift.tt/1qfxuKf via IFTTT

Sizzy Rocket – GIRLS

“All We Really Want Is Girls” —> “All They Really Want Is Girls” Change is good. http://ift.tt/1kJeYS9 from Facebook http://ift.tt/1kJeYS9 via IFTTT

College Student Sends Heartbreaking Text To His Mom Before Tornado Strikes His Home

http://ift.tt/1iUXLnc Of course this was the first link I open… from Facebook http://ift.tt/1iUXLnc via IFTTT

Who would you like to see analyzed? I’d love to see Kendrick and Macklemore, but, more so, Immortal Technique and Lowkey. from Facebook http://ift.tt/1hpdHyy via IFTTT

Uruguay unveils marijuana regulation details | Al Jazeera America

http://ift.tt/1kF9OcM Sometimes common sense (following the evidence) works. from Facebook http://ift.tt/1kF9OcM via IFTTT

Christian ‘historian’: Allowing women to vote ‘hurts the entire culture and society’

Glenn Beck vetted him, of course he’s a “historian”. from Facebook http://ift.tt/1hi8mJs via IFTTT

The Absurd & Popular Revolt

If you’re interested in some philosophical essaying. from Facebook http://ift.tt/1iPSAoC via IFTTT

Tyler Hicks Tells The Story Behind His Pulitzer-Winning Nairobi Mall Photos

http://ift.tt/1fAVCgv Of course, reading through this they had to mention Anthony Shadid, and ask Hicks about their trip into Syria back in 2012 when Shadid died from an asthma attack….which was just…I was in Egypt then and I remember crying all night because this guy kind of epitomized for me the kind of journalist I … Continue reading

CNN Turns a Boring Royal Visit Into a Racist Nightmare in Just 13 Seconds

I’m actually disgusted by her. As in, the face I made while listening to her was one of…disgust. from Facebook http://ift.tt/1jEqQEr via IFTTT

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