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Marijuana Industry Needs Regulation: Creating Criminals from Entrepreneurs

Marijuana is no longer the undisclosed business it once was in America.  For decades growers have hidden in their homes and in deep forests, in small communities where an alternative lifestyle has flourished. I can imagine that growing marijuana (considering non-cartel related growers only) in an accepting community feels good (such as outlined in the … Continue reading

Does the “West” want an open conflict with Syria?

With increased tension between Turkey and Syria, Israel and Syria, and Syria and opposition groups (it’s naive to lump them into one category such as rebels, or revolutionary forces, or under one umbrella organization newly popped up from Doha, Qatar, as they are not an organized opposition, they are groups of opposition) my natural curiosity … Continue reading

[Al Jazeera Opinions] Hamid Dabashi Feeds My Soul

I wrote earlier, in this article, on Incessant Experiences, about why I would not be voting for any Presidential candidate.  And a dear friend of mine also wrote on her Facebook page why she would not be voting.  We were ostracized to some degree, marginalized, dismissed with responses that disregarded what we were saying, dismissed … Continue reading

[Links] The Atlantic’s “The Writing Revolution” – Education in Schools

In this article by Peg Tyre for the Atlantic explains how a Staten Island high school, New Dorp, drastically reversed the scores of their students across the board, and it wasn’t because they “taught for the test,” as is often the case, especially since 2001’s No Child Left Behind Act, or the more recent Race … Continue reading

[Links] Behind the Scenes of MIA’s “Bad Girls” Video

I’m all for using art as a way to open up people’s minds to new possibilities. And this video made something that probably feels very foreign to most of America (that is, Arab culture in any sense) feel just a bit more human. There is something in here which Americans can relate to, whatever piece … Continue reading

Bomba Estéreo – Live In Bogotá | Raza / El Alma & El Cuerpo


A little diversity for your Saturday.

Full moon tomorrow night, Harvest Moon. Check it.

Continue reading

Luster, lusty, lust, lusterer, lusting

Just a quick bit to say: Yo!  I know I haven’t been posting at all lately, but that’s not because I’m in anyway in a bad place, in fact, quite the opposite.  I’ve been staying organized, staying on time, getting things accomplished, and I’m in a real fucking good place because of it. That’s not … Continue reading

What you should do with your next 22 minutes (The Beatles)

[Media] C’Mon and Share the Love: War/No More Trouble

[Media] New Music: Michael Kiwanuka

Yo.  This guy is beautiful to my ears.  Is that possible?  I dunno.  But he’s brand new.  He’s signed to Communion Records, which was co-founded by one of the members of Mumford & Sons (tied for first place for awesomest band ever according to Jared Krauss). Just check this out. And when you’re done check … Continue reading

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