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Let Me Ask You a Question

To what do you dedicate yourself?

For that is who you are.  It doesn’t have to be one answer, it can be 5,000.  But, it could be just 2 things.

But, to what do you dedicate yourself?

I dedicate myself to experiences in the fullest sense.  My craft is writing, and I have a strong belief that to write something, you must understand it.  Thus, to write about life, I must experience it, in all aspects.  And the quickest way to truly experience life’s offers is to travel.

Yet, the beauty of travel does not only exist when you hop on a plane, or cross borders, but within your own town, within your own home even.  Books, photographs, lost boxes in the attic, a new neighbor down the street all provide an existential experience, something you can gain from, if you only listen, or watch.  Those senses are the two most common for accruing knowledge, touching and tasting and smelling are more visceral.
Step out, look around, blink a few times and stop looking with your old and tired eyes that see the same tree every day and look to the branches, or the roots, or the bark, or the grass around it.  Do this everywhere, with everything.

Then, begin walking.  While you’re walking, think about what you dedicate yourself to.  There is probably one thing you dedicate yourself to above all else, and a lot of times, there are dedications that necessitate actions that we might otherwise not do (e.g., working to have money to buy food for your kids, i.e. you dedicate yourself to your kids, which might also entail driving them to practice, or school, or sleep-overs).

So, I ask you again, to what do you dedicate yourself?


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One thought on “Let Me Ask You a Question

  1. That’s why souls come into this world- for the experience . Ha..ha.. Intuitively you remember and as such, you cherish the journey. :)

    Posted by passionfortruths | February 27, 2012, 06:52

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